Creating Unique and Interesting Home Decor and Design Using Plant Life

Creating Unique and Interesting Home Decor and Design Using Plant Life

Home decorating requires many considerations and aesthetics. One popular approach for decorating with plants.

Plants are an integral component of biophilic decor, an aesthetic that emphasizes connecting people to nature through design. Plus, they add natural beauty and life to any room!


Although most people recognize what a pineapple or Spanish moss are, few know about the diverse range of tropical-looking bromeliad plants. These epiphytic (growing on trees or rocks) and terrestrial (growling in soil) plants come in an assortment of appealing colors and shapes, often boasting long-lived flowers as well as striking foliage with rosette patterns or colorful bracts that last months at a time.

Bromeliads differ from most indoor houseplants by needing consistent warm temperatures, constant moisture levels, and ample air circulation in order to thrive. Their small root systems prefer mounting or container growing with shallow soil conditions.

Tillandsias are epiphytic bromeliads that feature silver-grey scales on wiry plants with either plain or patterned green leaves, ideal for mounting onto driftwood in bright filtered light or growing in containers. Their easy care requirements allow them to flourish both outdoors or inside containers; during their natural growth cycle, bloom stalks with small blue, purple, red, orange or white blooms surround by showy bracts will appear and produce offsets or pups that can be separated off to form new plants – making tillandsias an epiphytic bromeliad genus with node-boundaries that can form new plants from their parent plant to form new plants from within itself!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor: It’s the It Plant That Won’t Go Away

Indoor plants have never been as sought-after as fiddle leaf figs are now; few boast as much popularity and versatility as these six-foot tall gorgeous trees with their vibrant green leaves and natural beauty. Not only are fiddle leaf figs striking in appearance, they can adapt perfectly into virtually any style room setting!

Tropical rainforest plants thrive in warm environments flooded with sunlight – that’s why you often see them standing proudly by a floor-to-ceiling window in an adequately lit living space.

Recreate their native habitat by spraying their leaves regularly with water, placing them in a warm spot that gets lots of sun, and regularly rotating your plants so all their leaves get equal exposure to sunlight – this will encourage robust and symmetrical growth – especially beneficial if placed next to stairs, welcoming anyone tired from treading them with lush-looking home decoration!


Succulents are a popular way to add texture and interest to home decor, offering variety in terms of colors and textures while being easy to care for. Perfect for adding an earthy element in any room of your home!

One of the most striking succulent home decor ideas is to plant them in different ways. A tiered plant stand made of wood or another material works well to create a jungle-esque arrangement; or place succulents in an old fish bowl as this will surely spark conversation among your guests.

Find creative and unique ways to display succulents in your home, such as placing small succulents in an eye-catching decorative centerpiece like a white bowl; creating a modern terrarium; or even crafting a wreath featuring succulents for your front door!

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii) is a houseplant commonly associated with feng shui. Contrary to its name, however, this species of Dracaena plant does not belong to the bamboo family but instead comes from another subspecies entirely. Most commonly seen grown in pebble-filled glass containers filled with water, lucky bamboo can also come with ornate containers where its stalks have been bent into intricate latticework patterns or twisting forms for added visual interest.

Two stalks of lucky bamboo displayed in a vase of water represent an ideal relationship; four stalks signify wealth; six represent prosperity; eight signify happiness; and ten represents life itself. It is said that by including all five elements–wood, water, earth, fire and metal–lucky bamboo brings good fortune into our homes.

This lucky bamboo looks beautiful sitting atop a low coffee table, providing visual interest and adding color in its height and form. Its attractive bouquet-like arrangement in a tall glass container adds the perfect finishing touch and connects the living room with an outdoor wicker seating area beyond.

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