Transforming Your Bathroom on a Budget With a DIY Bathroom Renovation

Transforming Your Bathroom on a Budget With a DIY Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be complicated, but here are a few easy ways you can stay within your budget and ensure a successful remodel: avoid labor-intensive projects such as tiling or shower replacement and focus on paint, accessories and small fixtures instead.

Renovating a bathroom by switching out handles, faucets and storage solutions can transform its atmosphere. Or turn an existing piece of furniture into a vanity to save on cabinetry.

1. Look for Deals

Just like with your home, there isn’t no need to completely gut an outdated bathroom in order to revitalize it. Instead, smaller projects, like refinishing a tub or retiling floors can revitalize a space without calling in an outside contractor.

Painting can be an inexpensive and simple way to update the look of a bathroom. If your baseboards are peeling or damaged, create a template of their measurements and take them directly to a hardware store or lumber supply yard for molding cutting services tailored to your specifications.

Prior planning is of utmost importance for any DIY project, including bathroom remodels. A proper plan can save time in the long run and avoid costly mistakes while meeting expectations. Complex tasks like plumbing or electrical work should be left to professionals while more straightforward jobs like laying tile or changing fixtures may be tackled by beginners themselves. Your available time should also factor into this decision.

2. Look for Rebates

Bathrooms are among the most frequented spaces in a home. If yours needs updating, DIY renovation can make a dramatic impact without breaking the bank.

Start with a plan. Gather photos as design inspiration, and draft a detailed timeline to keep the project moving along smoothly. Involve a professional in handling tasks like electrical wiring and water supply lines until you feel confident enough to attempt these yourself unless you are an experienced DIYer.

Painting and replacing fixtures and hardware are easy ways to quickly give your bathroom a facelift, says Yaqub, while more complex tasks such as tiling are best left to professionals; waterproofing requires intricate tilework that could result in serious consequences should anything go wrong. If this sounds intimidating, check out YouTube videos for instruction or practice tiling before doing it in your own bathroom.

3. Look for Discounts

DIY-ers can save money by purchasing materials at discounted rates for various projects.

Missouri couple that created a luxury master bathroom on a $6,000 budget found many items secondhand – salvaged clawfoot tub, scraps of marble for countertops and yard sale mirrors were among these secondhand finds. Furthermore, this couple opted for more affordable plastic laminate flooring and countertops rather than granite or marble slabs.

Painting walls, cabinets and other surfaces on one’s own is another DIY-able task that can reduce costs significantly. To avoid costly errors and mistakes, purchase satin finish paint instead of eggshell or semi-gloss for areas of high moisture levels.

However, Yaqub cautions that when remodeling involves plumbing or electrical work that needs done professionally, it’s usually best to leave it to professionals to perform it safely and limit structural damage, water leakage and fire hazards. Tiling around bathtubs and showers requires waterproofing work that only licensed professionals are equipped to complete safely.

4. Look for Special Offers

Renovating a bathroom can be a complex and time-consuming DIY project for homeowners. Complex tasks, such as tiling, may need the expertise of an expert tiler; other projects, such as plumbing or electrical work may even require a permit from city authorities.

Homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms on a tight budget can still achieve success if they take a planned approach. Before commencing their project, homeowners must make sure they have all of the appropriate tools and dedicate enough time for research so as to avoid making any costly errors that can be difficult or even impossible to rectify later on.

Rent a dumpster to quickly dispose of all demolition debris and cut cleanup time significantly. Finally, plan ahead and try to save money by shopping for deals online or locally; yard sales or flea markets might offer items suitable for their bathroom redesign vision.

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