Luxury Home Amenities

Luxury Home Amenities

No matter if you’re building your dream home or looking to renovate your current property, luxury home amenities are a must-have. From outdoor living areas and gourmet kitchens with wine cellars, these opulent features are sure to wow guests.

Luxury homes tend to be larger in size and constructed from superior building materials. They also provide a host of luxurious features, often situated in desirable areas.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living areas are becoming a major trend in luxury homes. These spaces are being seamlessly integrated into the interior design to offer an oasis of relaxation and a sense of connection to nature.

For instance, a bubbling water feature can serve as an aural or visual connection to nature and help to relax the mind. Other elements that add luxury to outdoor spaces include fireplaces, patio heaters and hot tubs.

In addition to increasing a home’s resale value, these amenities can also be utilized for entertaining guests and creating an inviting social hub where families can gather. The possibilities are endless!

Gourmet Kitchens with Wine Cellars and Warming Drawers

Gourmet kitchens are essential for any culinary connoisseur. These rooms typically boast double ovens, gas ranges, warming drawers to guarantee meals cook to perfection.

If you’re considering building a new home or renovating your current one, working with a kitchen designer is recommended. They can assist in creating an enchanting space that caters to both your lifestyle and requirements.

When designing a gourmet kitchen, be sure to factor in how many chefs will be working there and the type of storage needed for cookware, ingredients, and appliances.

Ideal gourmet kitchens should have an open concept design, so you can quickly move from prep counter to stovetop without missing a beat. Plus, there should be plenty of creative storage solutions like countertop cupboards with outlets for toasters or blenders.

Entertainment or Recreation Rooms

Most luxury homes include an entertainment or recreation room for family activities like playing games and watching films. These areas are usually separated from the main living area in a basement, converted garage or room addition.

Recent survey data by U.S.Houzz and Home, an online interior design resource, indicates home builders are building more and more of these spaces in their new construction homes.

These rooms usually boast a big screen television and surround sound speakers, along with gaming equipment like video game consoles or comfortable gaming chairs. Some may even include bowling lanes or billiards tables. Furthermore, some recreation rooms can double as music studios or recording spaces depending on the homeowner’s preferences. With all these luxury home amenities at your disposal, these could be some of the finest features available to homeowners.

Home Libraries

A library is an invaluable home amenity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Not only does it promote reading in children, but it may also aid their academic performance as well.

A home library should create a tranquil atmosphere that invites relaxation. This atmosphere can be enhanced through smaller design elements like wall color, furniture placement and artwork.

Interior designer Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors designed this cozy space, featuring built-in shelving and a tufted armchair in deep moody green that promotes relaxation. A window seat built into a recessed bay provides another reading nook as well as plenty of natural light.

Home Theaters

Home theaters can add an air of luxury and comfort to a home’s interior. Usually designed to resemble movie theaters, these multipurpose spaces can also be utilized for watching sports or playing video games.

No matter your personal preferences, luxury home builders can create a room to meet both your needs and budget. Adding a home theater is an excellent way to increase the value of your property and enhance the enjoyment of owning it.

In addition to movie theaters, some home buyers may desire a private gym or yoga studio. Although these aren’t necessary for most homeowners, they add an upscale touch that could be attractive to potential buyers.

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